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The Wizards by Carbon Studio coming July 28th

The Wizards is an upcoming spell casting game from Carbon Studios for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. We heard awhile back that the game could arrive in June or July, but now we have a solid release date to go by. The game will hit Steam (and probably Oculus Store) on July 28th for $24.99.

The Wizards is Carbon Studio's 2nd VR offering. Carbon released Alice VR last October. Alice VR, while an interesting game in it's own right, didn't exactly set the VR gaming industry on fire. In fact, if anything, I think most would look back on Alice VR as a somewhat disappointing offering. Should Vive and Rift gamers get excited for this new fantasy game? Is July 28th a day we should mark on our calendars? Sometimes it takes a Studio a game or two to get to grips with VR development. We could potentially see a dramatic improvement in overall quality and polish with Carbon's 2nd VR effort. Still, it's probably best to remain cautiously optimistic, and see if there are any early looks at the game that give us a better idea to it's overall quality.

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