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New rhythm game Airtone ranks 45th overall on Vive and 61st on Oculus!

There must be something special about Airtone. A new rhythm game from developer historia and publisher AMG Games. This game has only been available a few weeks and already it's ranked on both platforms Top 100 charts. Very impressive! The game actually entered the HTC Vive Top 50 at 45 overall, in the most up to date rankings released Tuesday. Airtone is certainly similar enough to Audioshield and Soundboxing, but it definitely has it's own special vibe. Fans of Japanese developed rhythm games from the arcades should maybe give this game a hard look. It's not cheap, it costs $30, and it's not involved with the Steam or Oculus sales at the moment. Regardless, word has spread, and spread quickly that this is one of the best VR rhythm games that have been released to date.

The game has a polish and spit shine that is hard to match. The menu's look great, everything sounds great, it all has this cohesiveness. A bit pricey, but worth a look for sure.

One more warning, the game starts to really ramp up the difficulty when you get to Medium. Hard ? Forget about Hard. It's almost impossible. This is also one of those games that will provide some accidental exercise. You'll probably get a little hot and sweaty with this one, especially if you keep trying the Hard difficulty. If Airtone is a game that was off your radar, and you're in the mood for a Japanese rhythm game in VR (it's not like we're drowning in them), maybe give the game a look.

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