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Just In Time Incorporated coming to HTC Vive on July 27th

Second Wind Interactive is bringing a new game to the HTC Vive on July 27th. The game is called Just in Time Incorporated. In the game, you take on the role of an insurance agent. Sounds super exciting right? Well, here's the catch, you're a "Death Prevention Specialist". Clients take out insurance to protect against accidental (and often hilarious) death, and it's your job to save these bumbling citizens. You're well equipped for the job, because you have your trusty Hyper-Gloves, which gives you special abilities that you'll need to perform your duties. You can move around with super speed like the Flash, even catching bullets in mid-air.

The game has a cartoonish art style, with the human citizens sharing a strong resemblance to Steve from Minecraft. I suppose the Mojang lawyers just need to bite their upper lips when they see this stuff, because you probably can't trademark the look of a person made out of blocks. Otherwise, why would we see hundreds of other games cribbing on the art style? Still, the action looks intense, and the comedy factor of this game surely adds a whimsical flair to the proceedings. We're looking forward to trying this game out come July 27th.

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