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Quanero debuts at No.15 on the HTC Vive Top 20 experiences list!

It's amazing to think that Quanero wasn't already on our HTC Vive Top 20 VR Experience list. It actually wasn't ranked anywhere at all. Well, due to popular demand, the VR Experience has now been recognized. The production landed at No.15 overall, just one spot behind Senza Peso. Quanero is quite fascinating, because it gives us a brief glimpse of what a detective game could potentially look like in VR. I always go back to Sherlock Holmes on the Sega CD, all those years ago. There's just something so special about interactive detective games. Remember Blade Runner on the PC? That was absolutely fantastic. Well, try the Quanero experience, and think of those games, and tell me that the students at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg weren't onto something here...

It's actually a bit sad to realize that the chances of a direct follow-up to Quanero are almost non-existent. The University itself, provided these students with the motion capture system and the designated rooms, which they needed, so they could work at a near professional level. It took them 20 weeks of hard work and dedication to complete the project. It's very likely, that this was a one-off situation, for many of these students, but we have to hope that maybe a handful of them, get together and work on some type of spiritual successor.

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