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Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR is coming on July 20th!

What is the deal with VR and ping-pong games? We literally have ping-pong games coming out of our ears. Seriously, between Eleven Table Tennis VR , Paddle Up and all the other various ping-pong / racket games, when is enough... enough? I guess there can never be enough table tennis games. Well, on the bright side, it seems developer 10Ant Hill is at least bringing a slightly different "spin" to the proceedings. Another major staple of VR games is the Tron / Robot aesthetic. Seems as though 10Ant Hill is killing two birds with one stone with this game. VR gamers must love their ping-pong, and they must love robots, so what's better than two great tastes mixed together?

Racket Fury does feature both single player and multiplayer modes. This is pretty much a given for any ping-pong game that wants to compete in this crowded market, but there is a differentiating factor. In this game, the A.I. opponents will actually have different personalities and temperaments.

The idea of playing against A.I. that actually has their own specific personalities is certainly unique. I've always wanted to play a round of ping-pong with a passively aggressive bi-polar robot. Hopefully my dream will be fulfilled with this title. Racket Fury will be heading to Early Access on July 20th. Pricing is still up in the air. I can tell you one thing, July is really starting to heat up. Seems like a bunch of VR games are all hitting this July. Exciting times!

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