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Audioshield makes the Top 20 Overall rankings list!

We've recently been updating many of the rankings here at VR Game Rankings, and one of the lists to be recently updated was the Top 20 VR Games - All Platforms ranking. If you make this list, it's a major, major achievement, because you're going to be ranked among some of the absolute best VR games currently available. Dylan Fitterer's game Audioshield recently barely squeaked onto the list at No. 20 overall. This game made the list, because it is consistently finding itself ranked highly on gamers Top 20 submissions.

There are only a handful of rhythm action games for VR platforms. Audioshield, Soundboxing and Airtone are probably 3 of the biggest. All 3 games are rating well on the charts, but Audioboxing has clearly differentiated itself as the one most likely to be recommended by fellow VR gamers. Even better, you can get this game for half off, while the Steam Summer Sale 2017 is still currently active. The Steam Summer sale is going to come to an end in another day or so, so if you're going to snag this Top 20 overall VR game, better get on it quickly.

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