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Cavernous Wastes, a new indie game, hits PlayStation VR

While everybody was paying closer attention to the release of Arizona Sunshine and Ancient Amuletor last Tuesday, a new indie PSVR game came out of nowhere to land onto the PlayStation Network. This release actually caught us completely off guard. We had no idea that 3 PlayStation VR games all released on the 27th of June. Cavernous Wastes is coming to us from Pouncing Kitten Games. (gotta love these cool developer names... amirte?) The game is somewhat similar to Descent, in the fact that you're traveling through these confusing caves, getting lost, blasting away enemy bad guys while exploring the strange environment.

It's no surprise why Indie developers love putting their games on PlayStation VR. First off, Sony has sold more dedicated VR headsets than anybody else. The installed base is well over 1 million units. Indie devs love the fact that they have over 1 million potential customers. In addition to this, is the fact that PSVR games seem to come out in spurts, and you can go for a good periods of time inbetween releases. The PSVR audience can be a bit restless during these dry spells, allowing Indie games like HeroCade and Dick Wilde to have some decent sales success. I'm not sure how successful Cavernous Wastes will be, but Pouncing Kitten Games has to hope that their game can resonate with at least a small percentage of PSVR owners, and that could be enough to make the project successful. If anybody reading this has tried Cavernous Wastes, be sure to comment below, as we'd love to know if this game is something to keep our eyes on.

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