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Skyrim VR moves into the No.2 spot ahead of Arktika.1 in Overall Most Wanted Ranks

The Most Wanted rankings have been updated across the board. Top 20's for Oculus, Vive and PSVR have all been updated. The Top 20 and Top 50 Most Wanted Overall rankings have all been updated as well. One minor change in these new rankings is a game moving up a single slot. Skyrim VR was ranked 3rd coming out of e3, with Fallout and Arktika.1 holding down the top two slots. Recently however, Skyrim has moved into the No.2 spot, only trailing Fallout 4 VR. How did it move past Arktika.1?

Visually, I'd have to say that Arktika.1 could be one of these games that just push the level of graphical fidelity to the breaking point, at least for these first gen headsets. Skyrim VR, on PSVR won't impress that way.

It's the grand scope of Skyrim VR on PlayStation VR that has likely catapulted it ahead of Arktika.1 The go anywhere nature of Skyrim, with the wide-eyed wonder that VR brings to the table, seems like a can't miss marriage in heaven. Some wonder if the stock PS4 has enough power to drive Skyrim to the headset, without serious compromises.

Arktika.1 has it's own detractors. The game doesn't feature free movement. Instead, you're locked down to a node based movement system. This limits the ability for Arktika.1 to be that ultimate immersion vehicle. Graphically, 4A games unofficial version of "Metro VR" seems to be in it's own private category. Robo Recall and The Mage's Tale are currently the high-water benchmarks in VR. Arktika.1 appears more than capable of challenging the throne.

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