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Blocks by Google, a new 3D modelling program hits Steam and Oculus Store

Google has already provided VR headset owners with some of their most powerful and impressive applications. Tilt Brush and Google Earth are two of the most popular VR experiences around. Blocks by Google, provides a simple and intuitive way to create 3D models in Virtual Reality. Users can take advantage of six simple tools, which they can use to bring their applications to life. You can use cubes, spheres, cones and other geometric shapes to create incredibly intricate designs. Color them, change their sizes, and manipulate them in all kinds of ways. Quickly copy them and place them all throughout your landscape. The possibilities are limitless and staggering in their scope. I'm sure we're going to see some absolutely magical designs after the general public at large gets their grubby little hands on this software.

Oculus users of course have Medium, but Vive owners have been craving something that's super simple and easy to use, but still effective with it's 3D modelling capabilities. This is exactly what users have been hoping for. Like with any software program of this type, the more effort and time you spend making your designs, the better the end product will be. Experienced artists, will use these tools to create incredibly detailed 3D models, while everyday amateurs like us will mostly just try to create a simple snowman or UFO. Of course, Google already considered this, so they have provided some templates of 3D models that you can use and add to your own creations.

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