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Echo Arena Beta is back this weekend! 2nd and final Beta weekend before launch.

Just a reminder for everybody out there. If you really enjoyed the beta weekend the first time around, then you might want to get some gametime in on this second go-round. This will be the last chance to play the game before it's released later this month. Echo Arena of course, is the multiplayer only component of Lone Echo, Ready At Dawn's first big VR endeavor, which will be arriving on July 20th. Originally, the game was going to feature the single player campaign, along with the multiplayer option, but now the multiplayer is being spun off into it's own thing, known as Echo Arena.

This 2nd beta begins today, July 6th at 5pm Pacific Time and 8pm Eastern. It will run throughout the weekend and conclude July 10th. We don't have an exact ending time for this 2nd beta, but the first one ended at 8pm Pacific and 11pm Eastern, so it's possible this second beta will follow suit.

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