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Fantastic Contraption coming to PSVR on July 11th!

I'm telling ya, the month of July is turning into one of the more action-packed VR months that I can possibly remember. Seems like every other post I make is another announcement of a game coming in the month of July. Chris Floyd from Radial Games recently posted on the official PlayStation Blog, announcing July 11th as the release date for Fantastic Contraption on PSVR.

Fantastic Contraption of course originally launched with the HTC Vive and was bundled with the headset for most of it's early availability. When the Touch controllers arrived for Oculus Rift, Radial Games brought their flagship VR title to that platform. They've been working diligently behind the scenes, trying to make the best possible port of their game to PlayStation VR.

I've always wondered how a port of Fantastic Contraption to PSVR would work. Reason being, I remember playing much of the game sitting on my floor as I built my crazy contraptions. I was playing the game on an HTC Vive, and one of the beautiful things about the roomscale feature is that it can track a volumetric cube of space from top to bottom. You could lay down on the floor, and the tracking would mostly work. The tracking of the PlayStation camera isn't quite as robust in this regard. The camera has a cone of vision, and you pretty much need to keep your move controllers within this cone of vision. Chris Floyd from Radial explains that they are including a special seated version of Fantastic Contraption, as a possible option for PSVR players. They feel like this new seated gameplay mode could be the most chill and relaxing way to enjoy the game. They've even included special PSVR-only features that allow players to resize and position their gameworld at the press of a button, which they expect PSVR players to find slick and amazing.

We've only got a mere 5 more days to wait, and then this game will release on PSN, and we'll see what kind of reaction PlayStation VR gamers have to one of VR's early classics.

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