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Mervils is gettings tons of respect in our latest PSVR Reddit contest

We're currently having a contest on Reddit, in which we're giving away two keys to Rez Infinite (Special thanks to Enhance Games). You'll need a reddit account to enter, and the contest ends at 3pm Pacific Time on Friday July 7th. Taking full advantage of Enhance Games generosity for the game keys, we are tasking PSVR gamers with helping us sort through the Best of the REST, when it comes to PlayStation VR games. We have a very strong Top 50 PlayStation VR games. We need to figure out 51 through 100. We listed out all the PSVR games that didn't make our Top 50. Told them to rank the best games from everything left over. So far, we've gotten an amazing response from the r/PSVR community!

One game has clearly stepped out in front, as the game that maybe should have been on our Top 50 ranking. Mervils: A VR Adventure is getting a crazy amount of love from the early submissions. So many PSVR gamers have put that game at No.1 on their list. Surgeon Simulator is probably the second most popular pick. Then we have games like Crystal Rift , Super Stardust Ultra and Trackmania Turbo.

We're definitely thrilled to get all this participation, and we're looking forward to featuring a legit Top 100 PlayStation VR games ranking very soon. We've had a Top 100 for Rift and Vive since the very beginning. It's taken PlayStation VR a little longer to build up it's game catalog enough, to even make a Top 100 possible. At this point, the PSVR library has matured a little more, and we have a bevy of interesting fare coming in July as well. SuperHot is coming on the 17th and Tiny Trax on the 25th. (both European release dates, USA still unconfirmed) Those are just two of a handful of July PSVR games. It seems like PlayStation VR has really caught a second wind with the release of Farpoint and Arizona Sunshine. All the e3 announcements definitely helped PSVR's momentum as well.

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