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Tiny Trax coming to PSVR on July 25th (Europe)

Just when we thought July couldn't possibly get more packed with VR games, we hear that Tiny Trax is coming to the European PSN on July 25th. In fact, Europeans who pre-order the game now can get a small discount off the normal price. No word yet on a USA date for the game, but normally with these things, the USA date is typically within a day or two of the European release.

For those that haven't heard of Tiny Trax, this is a new game coming from FuturLab in which you're racing tiny slot cars around super colorful and mind-bending racing tracks. It's like when you were a little kid, playing with slot racers on your living room carpet. Only this time, you're wearing a PSVR headset, and everything is happening within inches of your viewpoint. Anybody that has tried Blaze Rush on the Oculus Rift knows just how amazing an experience like this can be. I can say from personal experience with Blaze Rush, that when you are viewing tiny cars zipping around a track a few inches from your face, it can be quite magical. It's like you're looking at real life holograms playing out in front of you. You almost want somebody to pinch you to make sure that it's really happening.

FuturLab has taken this concept and ran with it, using incredibly colorful designs, with tracks that ignore the real-life consequences of physics and gravity. The thing about Virtual Reality, is that we can write our own rules in these headsets. If you want the little cars to perform physically impossible stunts, that's not a problem. Also, the tracks are designed in such a way, that as the player sitting in a chair, the tracks surround and wrap around you in such a way that you are totally enveloped by the amazing action. The extreme close-ups when a vehicle is mere inches away from you is the truly mind blowing stuff. It's as if my brain doesn't really want to believe what it's witnessing, but it just can't help it. Blaze Rush is an absolutely fantastic Oculus Rift title, and if Tiny Trax is even remotely as good, it's sure to be a PSVR banger.

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