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Don't save your breath - Dunkirk VR experience is mostly forgettable

Every time I hear about a new VR "experience" for this movie or that movie, I typically shrug my shoulders and wonder if I'll even bother with the download. So many of them are so lame, that I'm blown away on the rare occasion when somebody actually does something decent with a promotional VR "experience". For example, the recent Spider-man VR production is a much better example of what's possible. It might be incredibly short, and barely take advantage of the Spider-man property, but at least they really tried to do something. You could see the beginning of something.

Save Your Breath - Dunkirk VR Experience is basically just your standard 360 video production, that doesn't really do much of anything to be perfectly honest. Some believe that 360 video is a complete waste of time. That you can't really do anything with standard 360 video. I understand the frustration. So much of what we see is so poorly done, with such reduced resolution, that we get flashbacks to the earliest days of YouTube. Chunky low resolution video that completely surrounds us, turns out, isn't very compelling. Still, I have seen some examples of quality 360 videos, so I know that it's at least possible. I also know it's possible to make a highly entertaining promotional VR experience. As mediocre as Ghost In the Shell's VR experience was, I think it's considerably better than what I witnessed with Dunkirk.

I'm looking forward to the day when mediocre 360 videos like this are a distant memory. Come on guys. I know you can do better. First off, let's maybe ditch the idea of 360 to begin with. Focus on 180 instead, make it look a little better. Those Felix and Paul guys know what they are doing. Figure it out. These lame 360 VR videos are doing the industry a disservice, because there are some unfortunate movie fans out there, really looking forward to this stuff. They are hoping to be blown away by this exciting new VR experience for their favorite movie. When they finally get a chance to try it, they are going to be thoroughly disappointed. You gotta do better than this.

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