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HTC Vive DAS (Deluxe Audio Strap) will finally be available again this Monday!

The Deluxe Audio Strap for the HTC Vive will finally be back in stock for any Vive owners that missed out on it, during the initial launch of the product. If you remember back to when the strap first arrived, there was a bit of a controversy surrounding a material that would begin to rub off the strap onto users hair. This seemed to happen, any time the material would get wet, which is a big problem, because it's so easy to get a bit sweaty when playing VR games. It turned out, that the panic was something of a false alarm, because even though some of the foam fibers would rub off after becoming wet, it seemed that it was just an initial layer that would rub off. It's unknown whether the new shipment of DAS is using a different kind of foam padding, that isn't as likely to shed any layers.

An official HTC Vive tweet, reveals that starting at 10am Pacific Time on Monday July 10th, you'll be able to order the DAS directly from as well as other retailers that carry the product. The price for the strap is $99.99, but shipping and tax could also factor in to bring the total cost closer to about $130.

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