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Oculus drops the price of Rift plus Touch to only $400 for a limited time!

Talk about a shocker of shockers! It wasn't all that long ago, that a Rift plus Touch package would cost you twice what this current bundle price is going for. I woke up this morning to hear this news, and I can tell you that I'm calling around to my local Best Buy stores, hoping to see if I can take a quick drive to one of them and pick up my brand new Rift. At this price, it's just a no-brainer. I've already been buying a number of Oculus Rift games over the last year, so I already have a nice collection of games waiting to be played natively, without any control translation irritation. Just being able to play Robo Recall, in the exact way that it's meant to be played will be a huge relief.

I think this is a very smart play for Oculus, especially in light of the recent betas for Echo Arena. Think of how many HTC Vive players have been trying out the free beta of Echo Arena. Many of these Vive players have probably seen the brilliance of the game, but at the same time, they can't help but be somewhat frustrated by the controls not translating quite right. So now, you have the 1,2 punch of having the option of getting a Rift package for half the cost of a Vive. I seriously believe that a pretty decent chunk of Vive owners are shortly going to become Oculus owners as well. Especially Vive owners like me, who have been slowly amassing a library of Rift games, even though we haven't been able to play them exactly the way we'd like to play them. The ball is now in HTC's court. How are they going to respond to this?

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