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Dino Frontier is coming on August 1st to PlayStation VR, but will the game sell?

Ever since I first heard about Dino Frontier, I've been extremely interested in the game. This is Uber Entertainment after all, the folks that made Wayward Sky. I always felt that Wayward Sky was one of the more colorful and clean PSVR launch titles. With so many people complaining about how PSVR games are a bit blurry, Wayward Sky was the complete opposite. It had a clarity and crispness that you don't often notice on the platform. It's a fun game, although short in length and relatively simple in design. So, why would I be concerned about the sales potential of their new game Dino Frontier?

Well, a number of weeks back, we had a contest on Reddit where we gave away a bunch of codes to Rez Infinite. To enter the contest, PSVR owners had to list their most wanted PSVR games that were coming in the future. The results of this contest can be seen in the PlayStation VR Top 40 Most Wanted Games rankings. If you take a look at that ranking, you'll see that Dino Frontier is ranked as the 36th most wanted PSVR game. The thing is, that list used to feature both Arizona Sunshine and Ancient Amuletor. Dino Frontier was actually ranked 38th out of 40, when we first did that contest. In fact, we wrote a story about how some of these publishers should be extremely concerned about the lack of awareness for some of these games.

Now, truth be told, Uber Entertainment still has quite a few days before this game arrives, so they could really step up their marketing machine, and get the awareness out there about their upcoming title. When we held that contest, the e3 show had just ended a few days earlier, and PSVR gamers were overwhelmed with new info about all the upcoming PSVR games. It's possible that Dino Frontier just slipped to the back of their minds, with all the excitement surrounding Bravo Team, Moss and The Inpatient. Now that e3 is well in the rear-view mirror, and some of the hype fervor has died down, hopefully it will be easier for Uber Entertainment to spread the word about their new title and get the sales they are hoping for. Uber has begun this marketing process with a brand new gameplay trailer that hit YouTube. You can check out the new trailer below:

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