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The Bellows is now available for PSVR, but it will cost you a 5 spot

Last week we heard that The Bellows would be coming to PlayStation VR in the very near future. What we didn't know, was exactly when it would be coming, and whether or not they would charge any fee for the experience. Well, the game / experience is currently available on the USA PSN, so you can grab it now, but it will set you back a cool $4.99. Certainly, 5 bucks isn't very much, but the experience has been free on Steam for a very long time. As of the writing of this article, the game is still free on Steam. The developer mentioned that it would be free for a limited time, and the thinking was that if they charged money for it on PlayStation, that the Steam version would follow suit, but if that's the case it hasn't happened yet. It will certainly be interesting to see if PlayStation VR owners are ok with spending $5 on this, and what kind of reactions they have to the somewhat short horror experience.

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