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Fantastic Contraption launches for PSVR, currently on sale for $18

As promised, Fantastic Contraption arrived on July 11th for PlayStation VR. The game's standard price is $19.99, but it's launching with a 10 percent discount for $17.99. Early reaction seems to indicate the game has made a solid transition over to PlayStation VR. Of course, over the next several days, more official reviews and community reactions should trickle out, and we'll have a better idea if the game made the trip to PSVR fully intact. It will also be interesting to hear if the PlayStation VR specific levels bring anything extra to the table, compared to the standard HTC Vive and Oculus Rift versions. We're also curious to see some head to head comparisons with the HTC Vive version. I've always felt the best way to play this game is sitting down on the carpet while playing. Of course, unless you angle your PSVR camera downwards, that could be a bit more difficult with PlayStation VR.

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