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Gran Turismo Sport dated for October 17th!

Gran Turismo Sport is coming to PlayStation 4 on October 17th. This game does include a somewhat limited VR mode. Originally, GT Sport was one of the most sought after PlayStation VR games. However, at e3, the news came out that the VR mode was going to be quite limited in it's scope, and this downgrade has caused many PSVR owners to somewhat shrug their shoulders at the possibilities for this game. The biggest limitation, is that while in VR mode, only one other car can be on the track at the same time. So, you're limited to duels against an A.I. opponent, or time trials. No online head to head play is expected. Also, not all of the tracks will support VR. I think it's close to about one third of the total tracks.

Despite some of this negativity surrounding the scaled back VR ambitions of Polyphony Digital, I have heard that what is included works very, very well. One attendee at Sony's e3 booth raved about the VR experience. He admitted that he was disappointed about the limitation of only one other car, but said that the actual VR experience was still quite exhilarating. This is Polyphony Digital after all. While they might take forever to actually finish a game, they don't half-ass anything. I'm still expecting the VR component of this game to be a standout. Unfortunately, the game is likely to cost the full $59.99, and for those of us only interested in the VR portion of the game, it might not be the best value. Who knows, maybe Sony will offer up a VR only version of the game for $29.99 or something along those lines.

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