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Smashbox Arena heading to PlayStation VR on July 25th!

The best Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games keep making their way to PlayStation VR. Smashbox Arena, one of the most popular multiplayer VR games out there, is coming to the platform on July 25th. This game is being ported by Archiact, in collaboration with Big Box VR. Smashbox Arena puts players into a shootout battle of team versus team, power-up versus power-up. The game includes both single player and multiplayer options. My biggest question with this game being brought over to PSVR is exactly how the tracking will work. PSVR just has the one camera, and you really need to keep your Move controllers within the camera's cone of vision for your tracking to work properly. Certainly, the PSVR version of this game is probably taking all of this into consideration, and adjusting the gameplay accordingly, so that it should work well on PSVR. Archiact released a new gameplay video recently that you can check out below:

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