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Marvel Powers United VR announced for Oculus Rift!

So that really big announcement that Jason Rubin was hinting about... yeah, that of course turned out to be Marvel Powers United VR, which was unveiled at Disney’s D23 expo in the Anaheim Convention Center. Oculus is combining forces with Disney and Marvel, and they've got Sanzaru Games developing the project. You might remember, that Sanzaru Games has already made two games for Oculus. The first game of course was Ripcoil, but then they followed that up with VR Sports Challenge. So, Sanzaru Games has had quite a bit of experience developing VR games and also working with Oculus. Their third foray into VR is a monster game that could have major implications for the VR industry in general. We keep hearing on message boards around the internet that there is a real dearth of Triple AAA games for VR platforms. While, it remains to be seen if this game will really carry that AAA mantle, we know it's at least starting with a triple A license.

Another thing that Sanzaru Games has in their back pocket, is the game engine for Robo Recall. It's pretty obvious after watching the trailer that there is a VERY strong resemblance to Epic Games big VR release. If I had to guess, I would have to say that Oculus must hold some kind of rights over the code that Robo Recall is running on. It's possible that if they want to make multiple games using the base code, putting their own skin over the top of it, that's probably possible. Marvel Powers United VR appears to be the first game to use Robo Recall's game code, but we could see more games of this type.

Now, does this mean that Sanzaru is just quickly slapping a Marvel skin over Robo Recall? Unlikely. They are taking advantage of the fact that Epic Games designed a fantastic game, with fantastic play mechanics, and the theory is that Sanzaru can take this base code and then go to town trying to add extra features and abilities. They are going to have 12 total characters in this game, with each character likely having their own gameplay style. Hulk, Captain Marvel and Rocket Raccoon were the first three demonstrated, and they each had their own specific way of handling business. The only unfortunate news revealed about this game is the fact that it's not coming until sometime in 2018. It's going to be a long wait, because the action looks intense. You can check out the debut trailer below:

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