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Archangel is now available for PlayStation VR - priced at $39.99

The deluge of new games arriving for PlayStation VR continues. So many games are coming in the month of July to Sony's new platform. One of the biggest releases of course is Archangel by Skydance Interactive. The new on-rails mech game is available for Sony players starting today, but will also arrive on Rift and Vive in the coming weeks. PlayStation VR owners will get an early peek at this game ahead of their PC VR brethren. The price is $39.99, which did cause a bit of sticker shock among some in the PSVR community. Many times, we're waiting until the actual release date to find out the prices of some of these games, and it might be better to get the word out ahead of time, setting more realistic expectations.

The early word on the game is quite positive, although many have noted that the overall game length might be a bit on the shorter side. We've heard the campaign is somewhere between 2 1/2 and 4 hours in length. The other worry of course is whether the on-rails gameplay would be dynamic enough to maintain your interest level. We've heard that there is so much happening during the game, and so much that you have to think about, that taking away movement from the player is not a bad thing. If free movement had also been included, the game might have become too confusing and hard to deal with. We're hoping to get our hands on the game soon so we can take it for a spin ourselves.

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