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The rumors were true, Obduction heading to PlayStation VR on August 29th!

It had long been rumored that an official announcement about Obduction coming to PlayStation VR was just around the corner. Well, today it was revealed by Cyan that their Myst-like adventure game would be coming to the PlayStation platform on August 29th. You can play the game in normal flat mode, or use it in VR mode with your PSVR. The game will obviously need to work on a regular PS4 system, but it will be curious to see if the PS4 Pro version will include some improvements.

When I first heard the rumor that Obduction was coming to PSVR, I thought to myself, "Really? That game hardly runs well on a Vive or Rift". I thought the same thing about Arizona Sunshine and another game rumored to be coming to PSVR, Paranormal Activity. None of these games run particularly well even on beefy gaming PC's, so how the heck can they run well on PS4? Well, there is something a little bit special about a closed and locked down platform. Sometimes PC games aren't exactly dialed in quite perfectly, and instead they rely on the brute force that beefy gaming PC's can deliver. On console, you have to dial the game in for the specific platform, but at least you know everybody will have the same level of tech. Well, that used to be the case before the Pro. Now, there are two specs, but most devs will just dial it in for the OG PS4, and then use the Pro's extra power for supersampling.

How ironic would it be, if the PlayStation VR version of Obduction actually ends up running the best out of the various options? It's certainly possible. We do have somewhat of a wait ahead of ourselves, with this game coming in late August, but at least we find out about a PSVR game that isn't coming in July. I think July's crowded enough! You can check out the PlayStation launch trailer for Obduction below:

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