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Ultrawings available on Steam today for $24.99!

With little advance warning, Ultrawings shows up on Steam for $24.99. Bit Planet Games of course brought Ultrawings to the Oculus Rift back on February 21st. More recently, Ultrawings was in the news as being rumored to be coming to PlayStation VR. Then a tweet by Bit Planet Games confirmed it was indeed coming to PlayStation VR. We just didn't know when. Well, now, all of a sudden, we get the Steam version of the game, so Vive owners can grab it natively for the first time. Oculus owners that have been tepid about buying it previously, might pick this up now, knowing they have a return option if they don't find it to their liking.

It will be curious to see if Vive owners accept the game with open arms. Reason being, Ultrawings was held back from Steam, for a timed exclusivity deal, similar to Giant Cop. That game didn't seem to have a great Steam debut.

Platform politics aside, is the game a good buy for $25? Well, if you're a huge Pilotwings fan, and you can recognize that this isn't quite Pilotwings, you'll probably find a lot to like here. You get to fly through rings, which is probably it's closest similarity to Pilotwings. You get to pop balloons, take photos, perform landings, all while flying by a flock of birds and seeing boats in the water, etc, etc. The three islands have a cool atmosphere. The biggest downside we found with Ultrawings was that the missions seemed to take longer than they really should have. It seemed like it was more of a play length padding issue. The racing mode pictured above could possibly be a PlayStation VR exclusive, because we didn't see any mention of that on the Steam store page for Ultrawings. It's certainly possible that it will start off as a PSVR exclusive, and then come to Steam and Oculus versions later.

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