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Netflix demos Stranger Things VR experience at San Diego Comic Con

At San Diego Comic Con, Netflix unveiled a brand new VR experience for the popular show Stranger Things. Those of us that remember back to the first VR experience for the Netflix Original can remember how lackluster that first 360 video was. This one seems much more exciting, because CBS Digital created a specially designed roomscale version that is legitimately impressive. In fact, at Comic Con, a recreation of Will Byers living room, along wtih props was made up so that showgoers could get an even more immersive experience when they try it out first hand.

Unfortunately, the only place you can get this experience right now is to attend Comic Con and wait in line yourself, but the hope is that it will eventually come to Steam, and then we can try out the roomscale version ourselves. The new season of Stranger Things is coming this October, so it's a good way to remind everybody that we have another season to look forward to.

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