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Impressive On-Rails shooter Archangel coming to Rift and Vive on August 2nd!

We're currently playing through the PSVR version of Archangel right now, and we don't have a review of the game ready quite yet, but we're thoroughly impressed with what we've experienced so far. Some may write this game off because of it's on-rails nature, but I think that could be a big mistake. Skydance Interactive isn't playing around. They really went for the gusto with this game, and in certain ways they've achieved what they've set out to do. In around 8 or so days, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners will have a chance to pick this game up, and see for themselves if it's worthy of it's $40 price tag. (actually we're assuming it will be $40 on Steam and Oculus, but we don't know for sure) The PC gaming market is definitely a little bit more price sensitive than console. If a VR game is asking for $40, most PC gamers will expect a nearly triple A type experience.

I have to be completely honest and say that while I was playing the PSVR version of this game, I couldn't help but wonder how much better everything would look on the Rift or Vive version. Skydance Interactive has made a very attractive game on PSVR to be sure. Even better on the PS4 Pro. Still, the nature of PC gaming just allows you to throw so much more brute force at the problem. Those of you with really high end gaming rigs could be in for a real treat with this game. Hopefully the performance holds up, and we don't get a ton of stuttering or frame drops. I'm hopeful that this could be one of the early showcase titles for VR, just from a pure eye candy standpoint. This could be one of those games that you'll use to demonstrate the intensity of VR. Only 8 more days!

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