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Sparc coming on August 29th to PlayStation VR

Morgan Godot, Executive Producer at CCP Games Atlanta announced on the PlayStation blog today that Sparc would officially arrive on PlayStation VR on Tuesday August 29th. We've been following Sparc for quite awhile here at VR Game Rankings, and we're pleasantly surprised that the game is coming so soon. We previously expected Sparc to be a 4th quarter release for PSVR, with the Vive / Rift versions arriving in early 2018. This could be an encouraging sign for PC VR players that they might not have to wait that long to get their hands on Sparc.

We've seen so many different racket / pong type VR games already, and this is another one to add to the growing list. The thing thats different about this one, is that it appears that CCP has really spent a tremendous amount of time perfecting the gameplay in this game.

"Working on a multiplayer competitive VR game has been an inspiring challenge for us and we’ve been busy developing the experience for PS VR. We’ve been focused on delivering solid throw and deflect mechanics to enable physical gameplay that is intuitive up front while allowing for some compelling exhibitions of skill and personality." - Morgan Godat Executive Producer, CCP Games Atlanta

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