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Is REBOANT: Rise of the Nuhort a legit AAA HTC Vive game?

Lots of buzz has been swirling around a new HTC Vive game that was shown off at ChinaJoy this week. You might remember that quite a few PlayStation VR games have premiered at ChinaJoy both last year and this year, but a new HTC Vive game has also been generating a lot of excitement. The game is called REBOANT: Rise of the Nuhort. The game is being developed by Dark Lord, a Chinese developer. A new trailer has been released that shows off a very graphically intense Sci-Fi shooter game.

Apparently, HTC has been bragging at ChinaJoy about having a legit AAA type game coming to the HTC Vive, in REBOANT. It's being demonstrated at HTC Vive's booth at the show, and was initially mistaken to be produced internally by HTC. The game is expected to arrive on Viveport Arcade as early as later this year, but a Chinese language version will be the only version available initially. It's possible we might not see an English language version of this game until 1st Quarter 2018.

So, do we think this REBOANT game is truly a AAA game? It's hard to say. We aren't at ChinaJoy unfortunately, and we can't give you a first hand report on the matter, but the debut trailer is pretty impressive. However, looking at the debut trailer, as well as the developers website, it's not exactly clear if any of what we are seeing is actual in-game footage. In fact, I'd be extremely surprised if what we are seeing is close to what we'd actually see with the headset on. I'm not sure I'd work myself into a lather over this trailer and a handful of pretty screenshots. I can tell you one thing, the game definitely could use a name change before it comes out West. REBOANT: Rise of the Nuhort doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Be sure to check out the trailer below and tell us in the comments if you think this game will be true Triple A material:

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