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Just In Time Incorporated is a short, but fun puzzle game with whimsical flair!

Just In Time Incorporated by Second Wind Interactive is currently available for sale on Steam for the the introductory price of $17.99. The game will have a standard price of $19.99 when the launch promotion ends on August 3rd. The game itself is an interesting combination of a several gameplay styles. At it's heart, it's a puzzle game, in which you have to figure out a solution to each of 13 different scenarios.

You've just been hired by Just In Time Incorporated as one of their "Death Prevention Specialists". You're essentially an insurance agent, for a company that specializes in protecting it's clients from unforeseen calamities. These people are paying good money, to make sure that they don't fall victim to an untimely and often hilarious demise. How does one go about protecting people from various accidents and pratfalls? Well, you're given Hyper-Gloves which allow you to move super fast, teleport around the environment and even grab bullets out of mid-air, to redirect them to another (unfortunate) target. Basically, you do whatever it takes to make sure your clients don't end up with even a tiny scratch on their precious Minecraftian bodies.

The game certainly borrows from Minecraft in it's visual style, but it's also borrowing some of it's presentation from Job Simulator. In my early time with this game, I got a really strong Job Simulator vibe from it. A hovering monitor floats around, explaining your job duties and how the game works. You start off in the beginners room, which has 3 or 4 easy missions to deal with. Once you get past that, you get a keycode to another office, which offers up another 3 or 4 scenarios with a little bit greater difficulty. Once you get through that room, you'll get the keycode to the main war-room, and the most advanced scenarios you'll have to deal with. There are a total of 13 scenarios, but you'll have a chance to play a few bonus scenarios if you watch the interactive credit sequence.

The gameplay revolves around a situation that is going to play out, in which something terrible is going to happen to one or more of your insured clients. You have to figure out what you need to do, to prevent your client from checking out of the Life Hotel a little bit early. Some of the scenarios feature soldiers shooting guns, and in these scenarios, you'll usually have to teleport into the right spot, grab a bullet that is slowly moving towards it's target, and redirect the bullet towards the shooter. While this may sound incredibly easy, there are lots of things going on simultaneously, so it can be a bit harder to execute everything during the chaos of the moment. You might perform the perfect maneuver to save your client, only to realize that there is another danger that you didn't even think about. You'll have to do some of these scenarios several times before figuring out the right sequence of events that lets you complete the mission.

The games biggest failing comes in the fact that you can probably run through all 13 scenarios in a couple of afternoons, at most. The first 6 or 7 scenarios can be blown through extremely quickly.

So the length to value proposition with this game is definitely something to consider. The game doesn't have hours upon hours of gameplay, but the Second Wind Interactive have said that they hope to add additional scenarios to play through in the near future. They've hinted that these future scenarios will be more difficult and challenging. I personally feel like the $19.99 price is perfectly reasonable for what Second Wind Interactive has already delivered. The game is fun, enjoyable, and provides gameplay that is a little bit off the beaten path. If you simply can't stomach another wave shooter or VR pong style game, well Just In Time Inc. could be just what you needed to cleanse the palate.

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