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Paranormal Activity coming to PSVR on August 15th

It's been revealed that Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is coming to PlayStation VR on August 15th. There have been plenty of rumors post e3 that Paranormal was headed to PSVR, but now we've got legit confirmation, along with a locked in release date. The Vive version of Paranormal Activity was released back on March 14th, and upon release there was some minor controversy surrounding performance issues with the game. If you had a really beefy gaming PC, you we're probably fine, but anybody without a super powered rig was pretty much boned. I know from first hand experience. I got Paranormal Activity at launch, and have never really been able to play the game. I probably would have refunded the Steam version straight away, but was planning on getting a new video card so decided to just keep it in my library.

What does all of this have to do with the PlayStation VR version? Hopefully nothing. Still, I always wonder how developers can take a game that is struggling to perform well on PC, and expect to bring it over to PlayStation VR. PS4 Pro might be relatively close to a min spec PC, when you consider it's locked platform nature, in addition to the fact that it doesn't have Windows or any other processes running in the background. But, every PSVR game needs to also run fine on a standard, regular PS4. Arizona Sunshine is another game that really pushed it on PC, and it was brought over to PSVR with mostly positive results, but the core game had to be watered down significantly. It will be interesting to see if VRWERX is up to the task with Paranormal Activity. All we have to look to is Super HOT, to know that it's possible to translate a high-end PC VR game to Sony's HMD. Team Super HOT did an absolutely bang up job with that conversion.

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