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Gunheart is now available for $34.99 on Steam!

Gunheart, the new Co-Op shooter from Drifter Entertainment, has released on Steam with little advance warning. The game is currently available for $34.99. We expect the game to hit the Oculus Store very soon as well. This game has been one of the more hyped upcoming VR games, with it's impressive pedigree of developers that have worked on some very interesting projects, including Robo Recall and Microsoft Hololens. While we certainly don't need any more wave shooters, it does appear to be one of the more graphically impressive wave shooters we've seen thus far. Also, Co-Op play is a huge component of this game, something not every wave shooter features.

The $34.99 price is definitely aggressive, putting it up there with the likes of Arizona Sunshine, Raw Data and other premium VR titles. Will the impressive graphics and co-op nature of the gameplay be enough to get HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners to pull the trigger? It's hard to say right now, because there has actually been a flurry of game releases recently, and the higher price could give some potential buyers a reason to hold off. We'll be watching the early reviews closely, to see if the first wave of opinions are positive or negative, (or somewhere in the middle) and how much the higher price point plays into all of that.

Gunheart will also be coming to PlayStation VR, but it's expected that the PlayStation VR version would come possibly several months later.

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