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Vindicta's price slashed! Now only $14.99 for one of the best VR games of recent months!

I truly feel that Vindicta is one of the most underrated VR games I've seen in quite some time. This was my favorite overall VR game for a handful of weeks, I just couldn't stop playing it. Every time I decided to play some VR, I had to get in a quick session of Vindicta before I did anything else. I don't play the game as much anymore, but it's not because I wasn't having a blast with the game. It's because I've been buried in an avalanche of new game releases. When you write reviews and previews for a VR gaming website, it's always on to the next game.

Still, I had to at least write a short article about Vindicta's new price drop. My only complaint about the game originally, was that I thought the $29.99 price was a wee bit high. Had the game been $19.99, I wouldn't have had a single thing to complain about. Well now, it's even cheaper than $19.99! It's only 15 bucks! I don't know how anybody could possibly feel ripped off, if they end up taking advantage of this new price drop.

I think the key reason why Vindicta has mixed ratings, is that many VR gamers didn't give the game enough of a chance to show it's true beauty. The real key to Vindicta, is the arm-swinging locomotion. You swing your arms like you're speedwalking, and that mechanic moves you through the world. I preferred the option where your head movement is decoupled from the direction you're traveling. So, I could move quickly towards the right side of the room, while looking (and shooting) towards the left.

It didn't take too long, before I was roller skating my way around the environments of Vindicta. I say roller skating, because the movement is just so smooth, and flows so well. I really feel like almost every single game should steal this mechanic for moving around the world. I felt absolutely zero nausea, and also probably burnt a few extra calories.

We gave Vindicta an 88 score (out of 100), which is pretty high praise. We try to be a bit more stingy with our high scores than other outlets. We stand by the fact that this game has one of the best gameplay "flows" of any VR game we've played. It just feels good. That's why the mixed reviews on Steam are so shocking. Maybe some of it was due to the $30 price tag. Now that the game is $15, hopefully it will start to get the respect it deserves.

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