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Raw Data takes the No.1 spot in brand new HTC Vive rankings!

We recently held a giveaway on Reddit, where we handed out 7 codes to four VR games. HTC Vive gamers had the chance to win a code for Dead Effect 2, VINDICTA, Cosmic Trip or Drunkn Bar Fight. (Special Thanks to BadFly Interactive, Game Cooks, Funktronic Labs and The Munky) In order to enter the contest, Vive gamers had to rank at least 5 HTC Vive games in order. We got a tremendous amount of participation from the Vive community. Well over 200 different Vive gamers gave their most up to date rankings. We combined this information, along with submissions that we had received on the website since the last ranking, to make a brand new HTC Vive Top 100 Games ranking.

The results for this ranking were certainly interesting. Some games that had been perched in our Top 20 ranking for quite some time got ejected. While other games that hadn't sniffed the Top 20 made a giant leap up the rankings to claim their share of the glory. We even have a brand new No.1 Vive game. Raw Data has taken the No.1 spot away from Arizona Sunshine. It's possible that the recent update to Raw Data played a big part in this. Raw Data has always ranked as a Top 5 Vive game since the inception of VR Game Rankings, but this it the first time it's held the top overall spot on the Vive rankings.

On our previous rankings, Pavlov VR was ranked 34th overall. It has now catapulted all the way to the No.5 slot! Talk about a fan favorite!

Speaking of fan favorites, of course we have to mention GORN. What originally started off as a beloved demo-scene project on has now morphed into a full-fledged cult classic among Vive owners. Nearly every single Top 20 submission we receive, has GORN listed somewhere. As we were tabulating all the results, we half expected to see GORN in the No.1 overall slot. Instead, it ended up at No.6 overall, and Free Lives, the developer of this game, has to hope that all this hype actually translates into real-life sales for the game.

Of course, for every meteoric rise up the charts, there is usually a corresponding game that plummets in the other direction. Batman Arkham VR was ranked 20th overall in the previous rankings, but had mostly stayed in the Top 20 since it's arrival on the HTC Vive. This game took a huge hit in the most recent update, dropping all the way out of the Top 50. It's now ranked at No.63 overall. It will be interesting to see if this is just a temporary drop for the caped crusader, or if the game's time in the spotlight has mostly faded away.

There's definitely some new blood rising up the charts, and that's always a good thing to see. Dead Effect 2 by BadFly Interactive is finally starting to get some much deserved respect.

I really feel like this is one of the shining examples of how visceral first person action can be in a VR headset. The game is often compared to the Doom 3 BFG VR mod, and with good reason. Dead Effect 2 VR has great graphics and atmosphere, with plenty of action and suspense along the way. Vive gamers everywhere seem to agree with this, and now the game has found it's way into the Top 20! Yep, Dead Effect 2 VR is ranked 17th overall, jumping quite a few spots from it's previous ranking.

I was starting to think that To The Top would be one of these criminally underrated Vive games that I'm all too familiar with. Luckily, it appears the secret is out. This game is Fantastic!

It's exciting to see that I'm not the only one recognizing the brilliance of Electric Hat Games VR debut. To The Top is easily one of my favorite Vive games of 2017. Every time I fire up the game, and play for about 20 minutes, I seem to be in a much better mood than when I started. There really is a strong fun factor with the game, and I can't say enough about the catchy soundtrack. I've grown to have some favorite songs on the soundtrack, and the gameplay is taken up a notch any time one of my favorites is playing in the background. To The Top is currently ranked a very impressive 15th overall.

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