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Megaton Rainfall doth exist....and it looks Badass!

Yes, it's still alive! There were a few rumors swirling at one point that Megaton Rainfall was no longer in development. Turns out, those rumors were completely bogus. Not only does Megaton Rainfall exist, but it's headed to PlayStation VR in the very near future. The superhero game that almost looks too good to be true, will be hitting PSVR on September 26th. Even more good news, is the fact that HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners should be able to get in on the act a little later in the year. Megaton Rainfall is also coming to Steam.

For quite some time, Megaton Rainfall was one of the most anticipated PSVR games. It was originally shown off at the 2016 e3 show, in a montage of various PSVR games coming in the future. We only saw a very brief glimpse of it in that montage, but then we saw an expanded trailer a little bit later. Since then however, it's been radio silence from Pentadimensional Games. Rumors started to gain life that the game was no longer in development. Today however, we find out the game is alive and well, and there is also a brand new trailer that is showing off the power of this exciting game! September 26th can't get here soon enough if the game really plays as well as it looks. It's like you're messing around in Google Earth, but you're also a superhero battling an alien menace. Talk about a cool idea! Check out the newest trailer below and see what you think of this upcoming VR game from Pentadimensional Games.

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