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The Soulkeeper VR is out now, and very beautiful, but....

The Soulkeeper VR, a game that has been ranked quite high on the Most Wanted rankings is now available in Early Access on Steam. The game has a standard price of $39.99, but is currently being sold for a 13 percent discount, at $34.79. Now, this game, like many other VR games is Early Access. However, it must be stressed that not all Early Access games are in the same state of development. Some, are extremely early... And quite possibly a bit janky. The Soulkeeper VR appears to be in this particular camp. It's a buyer's beware type camp. I tried to play the game myself, but it's absolute Stutter City for me. Now, full disclosure, I don't have a beastly gaming PC. In fact, I'm probably on the lower end of the PC specs chart. However, I am able to play most VR games without issue. There are only a handful of games that simply won't work.

The Soulkeeper VR appears to be one of those games, at least for me. I've also talked to some of my good friends in the industry that have far beefier gaming rigs, and they've noticed the same level of problems and jank. These are VR gamers with 1080Ti's mind you... So, it doesn't appear to be completely limited to low spec gaming PC's. This appears to be a game that is really pushing the limits of graphical fidelity in VR, and it's not an easy task. Basically, my recommendation to anybody considering this game, is to expect a lot of problems and have a ton of patience. It's not out of the question that HELM Systems won't eventually have an amazing game with Soulkeeper. It's just that it could take some time. So, if you have the spare $35 and the patience to wait it through, you might eventually be rewarded.

The game is without a shadow of a doubt quite beautiful. Possibly one of the best looking VR games we've seen to date. There have been some complaints about the lack of true 3D audio, and that is something that was quite noticeable. Sound wasn't coming from any particular direction, which was even more apparent, coming off a game like Killing Floor: Incursion, which has standout 3D audio. Others have complained about a lack of interactivity with picking up various objects, and that the melee combat needs some work. Honestly, we didn't get very far in our attempt to play the game, because the stuttering was just so pervasive that we had to back out of it. We understand that HELM Systems will continually be patching the game, and trying to improve some of the known issues, so we'll try to keep you posted with the progress, and update you with any impressions if we're able to play it more.

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