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Supermassive's The Inpatient dated for November 22nd!

Simon Harris, executive producer at Supermassive Games announced today that The Inpatient would be arriving on November 22nd. This is tremendously exciting news for all PlayStation VR ownres, as Supermassive Games is the developer behind two of the very best PSVR games available. Both Tumble VR and Rush of Blood were developed by the studio. Both games are fantastic, but Until Dawn: Rush of Blood has distinguished itself as one of the truly elite PSVR games of 2016. The Inpatient is the next game from the studio, and to say that anticipation is at an all time high, would be an understatement. Anyone lucky enough to partake in the horror experiment called Rush of Blood, will surely be looking forward to this game.

When I first heard about The Inpatient, I tried to avoid getting too excited by it, for one very big reason. I thought for sure the game would be delayed into 2018, and I didn't want to get too excited about a game that was still far off into the future. However, with today's announcement of the November 22nd date, it confirms that Inpatient is indeed arriving this year, and we could be looking at a potential VR Game of the Year contender for 2017. With games like Robo Recall and Lone Echo already making their presence felt, it might be hard for The Inpatient to register, but a wise man once told me, never sleep on Supermassive Games. After falling in love with Tumble VR, and being scared out of my wits by Rush of Blood, I'm willing to give any Supermassive Game my full and undivided attention.

The Inpatient is set at the Blackwood Sanatorium featured in the Until Dawn series, but this particular game transports you back to the 1950's version, when the facility was in tip-top operating condition. This isn't the dilapidated version you play in previous Until Dawn games. You're a patient with amnesia, and you need to learn to make decisions on the fly that will have dramatic consequences for your adventure. You get to explore the facility, trying to uncover your past, while at the same time solving the strange riddle unfolding before you. Your actions and decisions influence and shape how the story unfolds during Blackwood's final days. Well, at least final, "normal" days. The story sounds uncannily similar to Wilson's Heart for the Oculus Rift. This is probably one of those situations, where two companies happened to be making very similar games, with similar themes. Twisted Pixel certainly delivered a very entertaining by flawed game (Wilson's Heart), but we'll have to see how Supermassive's take on theme shakes out.

Sony has definitely positioned this game as it's premier title for PSVR for the Fall. This is the big one. So mark your calendars and start setting aside a few shekels, to save up for this major PlayStation VR release.

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