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Duck Season coming September 14th for both Oculus and Steam!

For the longest time, we've known that Duck Season was scheduled to be a 3rd Quarter release. The only problem was, the 3rd Quarter was starting to run out of time, and we hadn't heard anything about the game. Well, good news fellow gamers! Duck Season by Stress Level Zero is indeed going to make it's 3rd Quarter release after all. The game is coming to the Oculus Store and Steam on September 14th. Stress Level Zero, for those that don't know, are the makers of Hover Junkers. You can see it in the picture above. It looks as though the young lad is playing a NES. (Nintendo Entertainment System) He's playing a lightgun game with a Zapper-like controller, and it of course says Hover Junkers on the screen. The whole game seems to have a very cool late 80's vibe to it. Stress Level Zero released a brand new trailer for the game today:

The cool thing about this new trailer, is that it shows that this game is going in some very interesting directions. At first, it seemed like it's some type of ode to Duck Hunt, and that you're mostly shooting ducks, and having a good time with your trusty old canine friend (who appears to be about 7 feet tall?). However, things appear to take a very dark and sinister turn, with Duck Season looking like it belongs in the horror genre, more than anything else. I'm guessing that Stress Level Zero knew that just having a game where all you really do is shoot ducks, could get pretty old, pretty quickly. So, they decided to add some extra sizzle to the package.

After watching the just released trailer, it appears as though the game is taking on a bit of a Five Nights at Freddy's type vibe. Your dog, who goes out and retrieves the ducks for you, looks like he's about 7 feet tall. Not only that, he also looks like a serial killer dressed up in a dog suit! It would seem as though you're in a Stranger Things type situation in this 1980's house. The video game world, and the real world are starting to blend togehter. Duck Season could be equal parts, Stranger Things, Duck Hunt, Five Nights at Freddy's, and who knows what else. I will say this, Stress Level Zero is definitely bringing something interesting to the table. Also, we don't need to wait forever and a day for the game to arrive. September 14 is only a couple of weeks away.

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