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Theseus headed to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive later this Fall!

Theseus by Forge Reply Games hit the PlayStation VR platform this Summer, and received a relatively good reaction from critics and consumers alike. Now, Rift and Vive owners will get their chance to check out the incredibly atmospheric title. The game had been rumored to be coming to additional platforms later this year, but now it's official.

"With the PC release of Theseus, we aim to expand our reach and to consolidate our presence in the VR scenario,” said Filippo Rizzante, CTO at Reply. “PC fans have expressed the desire to play the game since the original announcement, and we are glad that soon they will be able to do just that.”

One question that I have regarding a PC VR release, is how PC VR fans will respond to the fact that the game can be beat in a single afternoon. Steam VR of course offers refunds if you don't play the game more than 2 hours. I worry somewhat for Forge Reply Games in this regard, because unfortunately, too many gamers consider Steams refund policy to be a pseudo game rental service. I could easily see a good number of Steam VR users picking up the game, playing just short of two hours and then refunding the title.

VR Game Rankings gave the game a very solid 85 score in our review of the PSVR version, but part of that was the comparative value of the game against other PlayStation VR titles. The $19.99 price on PSVR, puts it into the bargain basement category when compared with the majority of PSVR games costing quite a bit more. The short gameplay length, while somewhat disappointing, wasn't a make or break type situation. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive gamers might not be so forgiving. Still, I can say that the game was absolutely dripping with atmosphere, and you really felt like you were experiencing a grand adventure with your 3rd person hero. Hopefully, Forge Reply Games finds tremendous success with the title on PC VR, because I think they were onto something with this game. I can tell you one thing, I'll certainly be on the lookout for future games from the studio.

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