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Raw Data coming to PlayStation VR on October 10th!

Previously, we had reported that Survios top rated VR game Raw Data, would be heading to PlayStation VR in September. Well, it's already September 21st, so where the heck is Raw Data? We're quickly running out of days in September for this big VR release to arrive. Well, today Survios has announced that the game has a locked in release date of October 10th. Sure, it might be a week or two later than we expected, but it's definitely better late than never for PSVR players.

Raw Data is clearly one of the better VR games on offer for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In our most recent HTC Vive Top 100 rankings, Raw Data took the No.1 overall spot, which is a testament to how popular the game is with players. If you've ever wanted to know what it would be like to put yourself into a sci-fi movie experience like I.Robot or Robocop, then look no further. Raw Data can deliver those kinds of thrills. Sure, it's basically a wave shooter, but that's like saying a Ferrari 458 Spider is just another car. Raw Data is the poster child for how to properly execute a wave shooter concept.

As with all PC to PSVR translations, the proof is in the porting. We've seen PC VR ports make the transition with flying colors (Super HOT), and we've seen PC VR ports that have left PSVR owners wanting. (Arizona Sunshine)

Until we actually get our hands on the game, it's hard to know how this translation will shape up. The good news, is that Survios knows that if they can deliver a surprisingly well made port of the game, they could have tremendous success with PlayStation VR's large user base. PSVR players are absolutely clamoring for high-impact experiences, and if the game is even remotely similar to it's PC-VR cousins, then we've got something super exciting to look forward to.

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