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End Space for PSVR is an enjoyable space romp, for those looking for single player action

First off, VR Game Rankings is late to the party on this PSVR game. It actually released way back on September 19th, which in the world of VR gaming seems like months ago. Sometimes these smaller games can fall through the cracks, and then we discover them a bit later, and it's like finding an extra 20 dollar bill in your jacket pocket. It's a nice surprise. I've finally had an opportunity to sit down with End Space for the PSVR, and I have to say that I'm legitimately impressed with what Orange Bridge Studios has brought to the table. First off, this game is not trying to compete head to head with something like EVE:Valkyrie. It's definitely going for a similar vibe, but this is a budget game, made by a much smaller developer. When a new VR game comes out for $19.99, I tend to judge it differently from the more full priced games. We have to remember that EVE: Valkyrie originally was a full priced $59.99 game when it launched on PlayStation VR in 2016. This game is priced $40 less than that game, on it's opening day.

However, at the same time, we know this game isn't being released into a vacuum. EVE: Valkyrie still exists, and it's price has dropped considerably, so which game is better? For only $10 more, you can pick up EVE: Valkyrie Warzone. (includes the base EVE: Valkyrie game along with some added content) Right now, I can of course say that if you're looking for multiplayer action, the only choice is EVE: Valkyrie. End Space doesn't feature any multiplayer action. However, if you're looking for single player content, then it's a much tougher decision. At this point, I haven't played enough of End Space to be able to make the final call. This is more of a first impression than anything.

However, I can speak from the standpoint that I'm much more interested in single player content personally, and at least in this department, Orange Bridge Studios is delivering something worth checking out. Especially if you're looking for space sim dogfighting with a more arcade style bent. You go through a brief training mission, to get the hang of the controls, and then you're sent off into a mission. The missions are relatively short, but they provide some interesting scenarios for you to investigate. It usually ends up with you needing to blow away a bunch of enemy fighters in 360 degree combat. Luckily, this game didn't make me feel queasy, like some of the other VR space sims.

I like what Orange Bridge Studios has done with their cockpit design. The top part of the cockpit is mostly windows that allow you to see out in space, but not so much so that you don't have something grounding you.

There is enough ship, mixed in with the windows, and that grounds you into the experience, and helps you avoid nausea. At least, that's been my experience so far. In fact, I've been able to move around in pretty much any direction, and not feel any weirdness, which is something I can't say about EVE: Valkyrie. If I tried to get too aggressive with my moves in EVE, I'd always feel this weird sensation that would make me think... "Oh no... stop doing that!..." I haven't had to rip my PSVR headset off, for fear of blowing chunks, and this is always a huge bonus. Certainly, as with other VR games of this type, your mileage may vary. Possibly the closest comparison I could make to this game would be the Call of Duty: Jackal Assault VR demo that arrived on PSVR last Xmas. If you really liked that short demo, then End Space is very similar to that, just with a bunch of missions that mix it up a bit.

Again, these are just my first impressions, but I've seen enough good things so far, that I'm going to keep playing through this game and hopefully have a review up in the near future.

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