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Lone Echo was so close to taking the No.1 spot on the Oculus Rankings

It almost happened! We were so close, but it didn't quite make it. Robo Recall has been the No.1 Oculus game since the inception of VR Game Rankings. In our most recent update on September 22nd, Lone Echo ranked 2nd among all Oculus Games. It was ever so close to knocking Robo Recall off it's permanent perch. We'll have to see if the newest Oculus rankings coming later this month will finally see a new King of the Hill.

There's a very good reason why Lone Echo is threatening Robo Recall's crown. Simply put, Lone Echo could be the most cinematic video game I've ever played in my life. The game blurs the lines between games and movies. I've said it many times before, but my dream as a video gamer, is to actually feel like I'm literally the star of a major motion picture. While playing Lone Echo, there were brief periods of time, when I felt like I was actually existing within a science fiction movie. It was that immersive and impressive. I can't begin to explain how magical of a character Olivia Rhodes is. It was fascinating to explore the depths of the uncanny valley with a character that really felt human and alive. While playing the game, Olivia seemed about as real as I could hope for a character in 2017 to be. She was occupying real space. I literally felt bad anytime I bumped into her awkwardly. She would even look at me strangely, with an expression of "What the heck are you doing buddy?"

I could go on and on about this sublime demonstration of VR power that Ready at Dawn has delivered, but I'll stop while I'm ahead. I'm just so glad to see this game climb the charts this quickly, and I'm personally rooting for it to bump Robo Recall of it's perch, if only temporarily, but unfortunately, my vote doesn't hold any more sway than anyone else. We'll just have to see what the collective Oculus community thinks later this month when the new rankings are released.

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