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Racket Nx is the 12th ranked Vive game. Developer One Hamsa finally getting some much deserved respe

One thing the VR industry has no shortage of is wave shooters and pong/racket type games. You've got Eleven: Table Tennis VR, HoloBall, Racket Fury, Paddle Up, the list goes on and on. However, there is one racket/pong style game that has separated itself from the pack. That game is Racket Nx by One Hamsa. This game differentiates itself from the others, with an incredible combination of sound design and haptic feedback. When you hit the ball with your Tron-like racket in this game, you really, really feel like you're hitting an actual ball. It convinces our lizard brain that it's actually happening, and it's so effortless. It's the 360 degree nature of the sound effects, combining with the rumble, that makes it all come together so wonderfully.

I remember when I got the very first demo for Racket Nx. I played that demo virtually non-stop for several months.

It may have only been a demo, but it was better than half of my full games. When the official Early Access version came out, I bought it on day one, and have to admit that I was actually disappointed at first. I thought that One Hamsa could do more with different arenas and color schemes. I tried to get into the multiplayer and had some problems. The gameplay was sublime as ever though. It's just, I wondered if the retail game was really providing all the much more than the demo?

Well, a few months later, One Hamsa updated the game and just continued to improve it. The multiplayer improved by leaps and bounds. I could now get into a multiplayer match no problem. Nine times out of 10 it was a wonderful, magical experience, to play another VR gamer in this highly polished game. The voice chat worked so well and was so clear. (compared to most Vive games) If you've never tried Racket Nx, and would love to have a racket game that can not only entertain the daylights out of you, but also allow you to burn a few calories, look no further. This game absolutely deserves it's 12th overall ranking among Vive games. It's great to finally see it make the Top 20.

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