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Brass Tactics delayed till February 22nd 2018

Originally, Brass Tactics was due to arrive this month on the 19th. Unfortunately, the game has seen a delay until February 22nd, 2018. This is the first big Fall VR game to see a last minute delay into the new year. The developer, Hidden Path Entertainment is looking at the delay as an opportunity to further tune the game and add additional features for the late February launch.

“Up until now, we’ve had a balanced set of eight standard units that everyone had access to in-game: archers, warriors, cavalry, tanks, mechanics, artillery, wasps, and the titan,” says Game Director Michael Austin. “We’re nearly doubling the number of choices and breaking the symmetry between players. You can easily choose one of the thematic sets we’ve created, or you can customize your own and pick the eight units that best represent the way you like to play.”

Honestly, the delay might not be the worst thing in the world, when you consider just how crowded the middle of October is. Oculus already has a huge game coming this October. Arktika.1 jump starts the onslaught of big October releases, with it's launch next week. Hopefully the additional time afforded Hidden Path will allow them to further polish and dial in Brass Tactics, and then next February when the game launches, it will feel a bit more polished and dialed-in than the typical release.

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