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Sony's one year Anniversary sale for PlayStation VR features tons of values!

Yesterday Oculus had a one day flash sale celebrating Friday the 13th. That sale has now concluded, but there is another big VR sale still in effect. Sony is celebrating the one year anniversary of their PlayStation VR platform here in the United States. Tons of high quality games are on sale up until Tuesday, October 17th at 8am PST. Be sure to head over to Sony's blog to check out all the amazing values.

One of the best values available in this sale is PlayStation VR Worlds for a mere 10 bucks. This game was originally bundled with the PlayStation VR headset back during the launch, but you could also buy the game separately for $39.99. The normal price has since been slashed in half to $19.99, but during this sale, it's been slashed again. Although most PSVR gamers probably already have this game in their libraries, I'm sure there are a few stray gamers out there that bought the PSVR headset à la carte and never received PlayStation VR Worlds. If you're one of these players, you're in luck, because the title is an absolute treat. Some may criticize the SCE London Studio production as just a collection of mini-games, but what a wonderful collection it is. The London Heights scenario is still one of my all-time favorite VR experiences.

Driveclub VR is another outstanding release to consider for a mere $9.99.

Another great value to consider is Supermassive Games Tumble VR for only 5 bucks. Many PSVR gamers are completely unaware that one of their favorite developers made Tumble VR in collaboration with Sony. Anytime I hear somebody complaining about lackluster tracking in relation to the PlayStation VR, I ask them if they've played Tumble VR. Reason being, the tracking is virtually flawless in that game. Sure, it only uses a single Move controller, but the pinpoint accuracy is truly impressive. Tumble VR is a puzzle game not unlike Jenga, but it's the production quality and polish of the game that really makes the whole experience shine.

There's actually too many great values in this sale to list everything here, so be sure to head over to PSN and check out all the great deals. You've got to hurry if you want to grab some of these bargains as the sale concludes at 8am Pacific Time on October 17th.

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