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Killing Floor: Incursion coming to the HTC Vive on November 7th!

Surprise, surprise! Killing Floor: Incursion, one of the better Oculus Rift exclusives is coming to Steam and the HTC Vive platform on November 7th! A Steam Page for the game surfaced today, announcing the arrival of one of the better horror/thriller games of the year to the most widely adopted PC gaming platform. The normal price on Steam will be $39.99, but there is an introductory 15 percent discount lowering the price to $33.99 if you preorder the game in advance.

If you're an HTC Vive gamer that didn't grab the Oculus version of this game for use with Revive, you're in luck. First of all, this is easily one of the better VR releases of the year. Secondly, you'll have a native port to the Vive that will make playing the game easy and effortless, without having to fumble through the translated control scheme. Revive is wonderful software no doubt, but sometimes the controls aren't necessarily translated perfectly. This is no fault of Revive's creator CrossVR, but rather the fact that the Touch and HTC Vive controllers have different numbers of buttons and configurations. Usually, most games are pretty playable through Revive without too much issue, but a native translation is always the superior way to enjoy a great VR game.

One thing you'll need to understand if you're new to Killing Floor: Incursion, is that this game is about as intense and visceral as VR games get. If you find yourself "Noping Out" of many horror games, you might want to avoid this one, because I can absolutely guarantee that your fight or flight response will be triggered on a regular basis throughout this experience. These zombies, or should I say "Zeds", get up close and personal, and attack you with a relentless zest and fervor that is truly remarkable, but also quite startling at times. You might need to take a cold shower after a few of these gameplay sessions. Vive horror fans are definitely in luck, because this is exactly the kind of experience that horror/thriller fans look forward to. The fourth quarter of VR releases just continues to get stronger and stronger with each passing day.

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