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Fast Travel Games is bringing Apex Construct to all major VR platforms in 2018!

An exciting new VR game was announced at Paris Games Week today for the Sony PlayStation VR platform. The game is called, "Apex Construct", and the developer is Fast Travel Games. The game will be arriving "first" on PSVR, but will later make it's way to the Vive, Rift and Microsoft Mixed-Reality headsets. Technically, we don't know for sure that this game is scheduled for a 2018 release, but considering we're mere days away from November, with no announced release date, I think it's pretty safe to assume that this is coming sometime next year. An announcement trailer debuted today as well, which you can check out below:

Upon watching the debut trailer, I can't help but think of Enslaved by Ninja Theory and Horizon: Zero Dawn by Guerrilla games. I'm sure Fast Travel Games would be flattered to be mentioned in the same company as those two outstanding adventures. The visual aesthetic is where the comparison really comes into focus.

You appear to be exploring a fantastical, mystical world, with robotic like creatures seemingly bent on your destruction. You're armed with a bow and arrow, similar to Horizon: Zero Dawn, and you're tasked with surviving and getting to the bottom of the mystery. Once again, this game is headed to all the major VR platforms, and it looks like the type of game you might want to keep a close eye on. We'll obviously continue to update our readers with information about this exciting VR release as more details emerge.

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