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Triangular Pixels (Unseen Diplomacy) next game is a PlayStation VR exclusive!

Triangular Pixels, the makers of Unseen Diplomacy are putting the finishing touches on Smash Hit Plunder, a new exclusive game coming to the PlayStation VR. Now, we're not sure if this is a timed exclusive or what, as details are few and far between at the moment, but one thing we do know, is that the game is hitting the PSVR platform first, if nothing else. This is a somewhat surprising development, considering the pedigree of Triangular Pixels. Unseen Diplomacy is the poster child of what could be done with roomscale technology. The one thing PSVR can't emulate very well is roomscale. If you've played the shark cage scenario in PlayStation VR Worlds, you know that the system can do a very limited amount of roomscale, but nowhere near the degree that Triangular Pixels is used to.

Of course, we also know that Triangular Pixels severely limited the size of their potential audience with their restrictive space requirements for Unseen Diplomacy. It's hard to fault the studio if they've decided to leave the roomscale concept behind them, and broaden their reach with a more multi-platform friendly design. In fact, this is pretty much a given, knowing the game is debuting on PlayStation VR. Of course, who's to say they aren't still pushing the envelope of what VR can bring to the experience?

We all love to throw things in VR. It's just so natural. You pick something up. You want to chuck it across the room. You see a box in the corner of the room, you want to smash it. I'm not sure what it is exactly about VR that brings out this destructive side of us, but I'm guessing it's the fact that there's no huge mess to clean up afterwards. We can throw and smash things to our heart's content, and when it's all over with, there's no real-life ramifications left to deal with. At least, assuming you stayed in your play area. Triangular Pixels seems to have recognized this natural tendency, so much so, that they've built their follow up game entirely around the idea.

Smash Hit Plunder is a very apt name, considering you're going to spend copious amounts of time performing all three actions. You're going to be smashing things, hitting things, and plundering as much treasure as possible in the process. Of course, it's not going to be a cake walk. You'll have to battle enemies and hide from ghosts. Looking at some of the screenshots and the debut trailer, it would seem Triangular Pixels is channeling Pac-Man to some degree with the colored ghosts that will pursue you and cause general havoc to your looting ambitions.

We don't have any release window yet for this game, but a late 2017 release isn't entirely off the table. This is pure speculation, but Triangular Pixels has had a lot of free time since they launched Unseen Diplomacy around the Vive's launch, and it's well within reason to think this games release could be just around the corner. Many of the PSVR games shown off recently at Paris Game Week mention 2018 in their trailers, but there was no mention of that in the game's announcement trailer. Certainly, we'll be covering this one closely as details emerge, but in the meanwhile, you can check out the debut trailer below:

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