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Newest Gunheart update gives the game a more polished feel

Gunheart, by Drifter Entertainment, is a game that certainly has it's share of fans. There is a die-hard group of players that believe Gunheart has delivered that Borderlands or Destiny feel, only now it's in VR. However, I'm not so sure that Gunheart has broken out into widespread appeal from most PC VR players. I'm guessing a lot of it has to do with the single-player portion of the game. Any VR gamer that isn't interested in multiplayer, is probably somewhat hesitant to grab a game like Gunheart. They hear how great the game is from a multiplayer standpoint, but don't feel like the $35 value proposition makes sense for them.

With the recent update from Drifter Entertainment, this opinion could possibly change. First off, the campaign has been overhauled. New missions, bosses and even environments. Gunheart's story has been improved with a new script and voice over work. Nine story missions are available, along with 20 side missions.

I hopped into the game today after not playing it for several weeks. The changes were immediately apparent. I started the game from the beginning, and it almost seems as though the entire game has been reworked, to have a better appeal to single-player adventurers. The new voice-over adds an extra dimension to this game. It gives you a bit more focus on what you're supposed to be doing. The controls feel a bit more refined, and everything just feels more polished and dialed in. Occasionally, a set-piece moment will be triggered, like the arrival of a new boss, and this adds extra excitement to the proceedings.

Of course, the long-term question is whether or not this update really changes my overall feelings on Gunheart. I didn't exactly give the original launch version a rave review. I felt the game was very solid, and worthy of some respect, but that it ultimately didn't appeal to the type of gamer I happen to be. I'm early on into this update, but I'm starting to come around and understand the vision that Drifter Entertainment had with this title. This is still very much a multiplayer game, designed for fans of Borderlands and Destiny. It's probably still an ideal scenario to play through the content with two extra buds in tow. However, single-player adventurers can find a lot more to love about this game after this update. I'm going to continue to play through this re-worked version of the game, and it's certainly within reason to imagine that I might have to refine my review score to better reflect what's currently on offer. Drifter Entertainment recently released a new video explaining all the improvements in the newest update:

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