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Vacation Simulator from Owlchemy Labs coming in 2018 to Vive, Rift & PlayStation VR

On Thursday evening at The Game Awards 2017, Owlchemy Labs revealed their newest VR game, Vacation Simulator. It appears to follow a similar design philosophy to their first two VR endeavors. In fact, Vacation Simulator looks to be an unofficial sequel to their original HTC Vive launch game. In Job Simulator, you're a human from the year 2050 that wants to know what it was like when humans actually had to work for a living. This time, you're a human wondering what it's like to take a break from the daily grind and go on a nice vacation. Of course, you're accompanied by Job Bot and all the other bumbling Bots, so the chances of having a "nice" vacation are extremely remote. As with the first two releases from the celebrated studio, hilarity is a given, in addition to ridiculous levels of player interaction.

Whether you're a huge fan of Owlchemy Labs games or not, one thing just about everyone can agree on, is the high level of interactivity present in their titles. If you see something in front of you that looks like it can be picked up and manipulated, you probably won't be disappointed. Unfortunately, this isn't necessarily the case with many VR games. You'll see an object sitting on a table and reach out to grab it, but find that it's glued to the table, providing zero interactivity. Not so with Job Simulator and Rick & Morty. This is one of the reasons we look forward to any game the studio brings out, and Vacation Simulator is no exception. Be sure to check out the video below for a short peek at what's in store for us in 2018:

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